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Service version: 1
Last edit: 2021.01.19

Geofencing API services

The TomTom Geofencing API consists of the following services with endpoints.

Configuration service

The Configuration service is responsible for managing a user's options. It is essential to create and to work with your account.

Projects service

The Projects service provides a collection of fences identified by a unique ID.

Fences service

The Fences service enables you to create fences (areas) with geometries of a certain type, such as "CIRCLE". The Fences service also contains a chapter named "Custom fence shapes", describing what fence shapes (apart from GeoJSON polygon/multipolygon) can be used in the Geofencing API.

Objects service

The Objects service provides a client-side reporting device acting as a representation of the item to be geofenced.

Report service

The Report service provides a JSON document that contains information for a specified object or point.

Transitions service

The Transitions service provides the means to manage and read transition data. A Transition is an event of an object crossing a border of a fence.

Archive service

The Geofencing API Archive service is responsible for downloading a user's data in one, compressed file.

Alert service

The Geofencing API Alert service is responsible for creating alert messages which will be sent to users via the Notifications API.

See the Geofencing Documentation page for further information and to get started using the Geofencing API.