Additional data

Allow your users to request extra data like polygons representing administrative borders, for a set of entities previously retrieved from an Search API. For more information, refer to the Additional Data service documentation.

Sample use case: You want to apply colors to geographic-boundary areas such as countries, cities, or districts.

Use the following code to try this in your app:

1FuzzySearchQuery fuzzySearchQuery = FuzzySearchQueryBuilder.create(term).build()
3searchRequester.performAdpSearch(fuzzySearchQuery, responseConsumer);
1val searchQuery = FuzzySearchQueryBuilder.create(term).build()
2val requester = AdpSearchRequester(getApplication(), geometriesZoom)
4requester.fuzzyWithAdp(searchQuery, adpResult)

Sample views utilizing entities retrieved from the Additional Data service:


Boundaries for Amsterdam


Boundaries for Poland