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This component integrates Routing API described on
The service calculates a route between an origin and a destination,
passing through waypoints if they are specified.

Routing API is one of our most advanced APIs, enabling the user to
calculate a perfect path from point A to point B.

  • RoutingBuilder is instantiated with the API Key for the TomTom Online
    Routing service

  • You can set an origin and a destination, if you want to route from the
    current location, then simply pass it to the from() method of the

  • You can set a list of via points to lead the way though them

  • You can provide locations as points, or as approximate points

To initialise routing:


routePlannerAPI = OnlineRoutingApi.create(context);
private val routingApi = OnlineRoutingApi.create(context)!!

To execute routing:


Disposable subscribe = routePlannerAPI.planRoute(routeQuery).subscribeOn(getWorkingScheduler())
        .subscribe(routeResult -> displayRoutes(routeResult, routeStyle, startIcon, endIcon),
                throwable -> proceedWithError(throwable.getMessage()));
Disposable subscribe = routePlannerAPI.planRoute(routeQuery).subscribeOn(getWorkingScheduler())
                routeResult -> displayRoutes(routeResult),
                throwable -> proceedWithError(throwable.getMessage()));
                { response -> result.value = Resource.success(response.routes) },
                { error -> result.value = Resource.error(null, Error(error.message)) }

To display route on the map:


RouteBuilder routeBuilder = new RouteBuilder(route.getCoordinates())
final Route mapRoute = tomtomMap.addRoute(routeBuilder);
val routeBuilder = RouteBuilder(route.coordinates)

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