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Address & POI search

Allow your users to easily search for addresses and POIs in a single step.
Implement global search or near-me search in your mobile app so that it returns the best search results for your needs.
Global search uses the search functionality’s default settings . It doesn’t use the user’s position or other search parameters.

Sample use case: You use an app to search for a place. This search should not be limited in any way.
Use the code snippet below in your app to list general search results or display them on the map.


return FuzzySearchQueryBuilder.create(text).build();


Add the code snippet presented below to your app to get search results that are geo-biased for a
given location in a range specified by a radius.


return FuzzySearchQueryBuilder.create(text).withPreciseness(new LatLngAcc(position, STANDARD_RADIUS)).build();



Global address search functional example from Sample App


Near me address search functional example from Sample App

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