Visibility and order of layers

In this guide, you will learn how to change the visibility and order of layers. You can find basic information about layers in the Introduction to the map style > Layers.

Visibility of layers

Maps with different visibility
Figure 1. On the left: map with all layers visible. On the right: map with hidden layers.

The visibility of the layer defines if the layer is displayed on the map. You can hide or show any layer. For example, you might want to hide some layers to make some features of the map stand out.

Follow these steps to change the visibility of the layer:

  1. Open a style.
  2. Click the Layers tab.
  3. Hold the pointer over the layer, which visibility you want to change (for example, POI). Hide iconHide Layer appears. Map with the visible layer
  4. Click Hide iconHide Layer and notice that the layer is no longer displayed on the map. When the layer is hidden and you hold the pointer over it, Hide iconShow Layer is shown next to the layer name. Map with the hidden layer
  5. To make the layer visible again, hold the pointer over it and click Hide iconShow Layer.

Order of layers

Layers order example
Figure 2. Layers are painted in order on the map .

Each layer of the map contains visual information. The order of the layers determines in which order this information will be painted on the map. The order of layers is represented by the layer list in the Layers tab.

If we consider two layers:

  • a layer higher in the list will be displayed on the top
  • a layer lower in the list will be displayed at the bottom

For example, map layers responsible for displaying labels and POIs are usually at the top of the layer list; therefore, they are displayed over the other layers and are easily readable.

Follow these steps to change the order of the layers.

  1. Open a style.
  2. Click the Layers tab.
  3. Find the layer, which order you want to change (for example, Water - Fill). Map before the layer order changes
  4. To activate dragging, click the layer name and hold the mouse button. The layer outline will change. Outlined layer ready to be dragged
  5. Drag the layer to the desired place in the layer list. The order of layers will change. Observe how the order of appearance changes on the map. Map after the layer order changes

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