Link/unlink layer property

In this guide, you will learn about unlinking layer properties from the Foundations Map Colors and linking them back. This guide assumes you have read about Foundations - Map Colors.

By default the layer properties of the TomTom map styles are linked to the Foundations Map Colors. Map Maker calculates the individual property values based on Map Colors from the Foundations tab. However, if you want to change the layer property, you need to unlink it. By unlinking, the connection between the Map Colors and the property is removed and changes to Map Colors will not affect the property anymore.

Linked layer properties:

  • Cannot be modified.
  • Follow the changes from the Map Colors (are calculated from them).

Unlinked layer properties:

  • Can be modified.
  • Do not follow the changes from the Map Colors (are independent).

Follow these steps to unlink the layer property:

  1. Open a style.

  2. Click the Layers tab.

  3. Click the layer you want to change (for example Landuse - Park).

  4. Find a property in the Layer Editor (for example Color).

  5. The property's input box is disabled; it cannot be edited. Hold the pointer over a layer property, Linked iconUnlink appears next to the property.

    Linked layer property
  6. Click Linked iconUnlink.

  7. Now you can modify the property's value.

When a property is unlinked, Unlinked iconLink is shown next to it.

Unlinked layer property

To reset the property to the Foundations Map Colors value, click Unlinked iconLink. Please note that changes you have made to the property will be lost.

Next steps

Since you have learned how to link/unlink the layer properties of map, here are recommendations for the next steps:

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