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Projects service


Service version: 1
Last edit: 2019.09.18


The Geofencing API Projects service provides a collection of fences identified by a unique ID. A Configuration can have multiple Projects, but each Project is attached to only one Configuration.

Projects service endpoints

The Projects service contains the following endpoints:

GETList projects

This endpoint obtains a list of tuples representing a user's projects. Each tuple contains a single project's UUID (Universally Unique Identifier) and name.

GETGet project details

This endpoint gets all the fences and other details for a project, and can include objects for which the project is a default.

POSTAdd new project

This endpoint creates a new project, and then assigns it to a customer's configuration.

PUTEdit projects

This endpoint is used to edit existing project attributes.

DELETEDelete projects

This endpoint uses a command to delete projects.

  • Delete is a cascade action, as no fence can exist without a project.
  • If any fence would violate this rule after deleting a project, it will also be deleted.
  • Information about all deleted fences will be send in the response.

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