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Fences service


Service version: 1
Last edit: 2020.11.16


The Geofencing API Fences service enables you to create fences (areas) with geometries of a certain type, such as CIRCLE.

A fence is a virtual representation of a certain geographic area.

  • Fences can have various shapes and can have multiple user-defined properties.
  • A fence must belong to at least one Project (it can belong to more).

Fences service endpoints

The Fences service contains the following endpoints and a data table:

GETList fences for a given project

This endpoint obtains a list of tuples representing a user's fences for a given project. Each tuple contains a single fence's UUID and name.

GETGet fence details

This endpoint requests all details for a single fence.

PUTEdit fence

This endpoint provides new values for fence attributes. An Admin may send only the values that need to be updated.

POSTAdd new fence to a project

This endpoint creates a new fence, and then automatically links it to a single project.

POSTCreate new fence and assign it to multiple projects

This endpoint creates a new fence, and then assigns it to multiple projects.

DELETEDelete fence

This endpoint uses a command to delete fences.

  • Information about all affected projects will be sent in the response.
  • The delete command can also be used in "dry run mode", which removes nothing, but sends information about affected projects in the response.
DELETEDelete fence from project

This endpoint uses a command to delete a fence from a project. If the project is the only one the fence is in, the fence is permanently deleted.

GETGet objects count in the fence

This endpoint list objects inside the fence.

Custom fence shapes

Note: The Fences service also contains a chapter Custom fence shapes, describing what custom and GeoJSON fence shapes can be used in the Geofencing API.

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