abstract fun changeGestureExclusions(gesture: GestureType, exclusions: Set<GestureType>)

Allows to change the default gesture detection behaviour. For example invocation of this method with the following parameters: setExclusiveGestures(GestureType.Rotation, setOf(GestureType.Scale)) results in GestureType.Rotation being ignored if its not already ongoing before GestureType.Scale.

Passing an empty set will remove any restrictions for the given gesture type. For example default configuration does not allow for GestureType.Rotation and GestureType.Scale to occur when GestureType.Shove is in progress. However after invocation of setExclusiveGestures(GestureType.Shove, emptySet()) this restriction will be lifted off.

Default configuration:



Gesture which will be ignored when one of the gestures from the exclusion set is in progress.


Set of gestures which, if they are in progress, override the input gesture and cause it to be ignored.