class RoutePlanningOptions(val itinerary: Itinerary, val costModel: CostModel? = CostModel(), val departAt: Date? = null, val arriveAt: Date? = null, val alternativeRoutesOptions: AlternativeRoutesOptions? = null, val guidanceOptions: GuidanceOptions? = null, val routeLegOptions: List<RouteLegOptions> = emptyList(), val vehicle: Vehicle = Vehicle.Car(), val chargingOptions: ChargingOptions? = null, val queryOptions: QueryOptions? = null, val waypointOptimization: WaypointOptimization? = null, val mode: RouteInformationMode = RouteInformationMode.Complete, val arrivalSidePreference: ArrivalSidePreference = ArrivalSidePreference.AnySide)

Options for planning routes, which are passed to one of the various route planners.

Note: The parameters departAt and arriveAt are not yet supported with the Orbis map.



The list of route locations.


Options governing which streets to prefer.


A departure time for the route.


An arrival time for the route. Cannot be used together with departAt.


Options for calculating more than one route.


Properties for the generated instructions. Specify null for no instructions generation.


Options for each route leg, such as a polyline to follow.


The vehicle dimensions, restrictions and engine parameters. When guidanceOptions are given, the vehicle has to be of type VehicleType.Car, VehicleType.Motorcycle or VehicleType.Truck. Please use VehicleType.Car for VehicleType.Taxi.


Additional options for electric vehicles to take charging into account.


Options regarding the way the request is sent to the server.


Specifies whether to optimize the order of waypoints, and if so, how.


Specifies how much guidance information (instructions and lane guidance) is returned with the route. Defaults to RouteInformationMode.Complete.


Specifies the road side on arrival preference for waypoints and destination.


if an invalid combination of options is used, such as specifying both departAt and arriveAt, or using chargingOptions with a non-electric vehicle.


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constructor(itinerary: Itinerary, costModel: CostModel? = CostModel(), departAt: Date? = null, arriveAt: Date? = null, alternativeRoutesOptions: AlternativeRoutesOptions? = null, guidanceOptions: GuidanceOptions? = null, routeLegOptions: List<RouteLegOptions> = emptyList(), vehicle: Vehicle = Vehicle.Car(), chargingOptions: ChargingOptions? = null, queryOptions: QueryOptions? = null, waypointOptimization: WaypointOptimization? = null, mode: RouteInformationMode = RouteInformationMode.Complete, arrivalSidePreference: ArrivalSidePreference = ArrivalSidePreference.AnySide)


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val arriveAt: Date? = null
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val departAt: Date? = null
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open operator override fun equals(other: Any?): Boolean
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open override fun hashCode(): Int
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open override fun toString(): String