data class CircleOptions(val coordinate: GeoPoint, val radius: Radius, @ColorInt val fillColor: Int = DEFAULT_FILL_COLOR, @ColorInt val outlineColor: Int = DEFAULT_OUTLINE_COLOR, @FloatRange(from = 0.0) val outlineRadius: Double = DEFAULT_OUTLINE_RADIUS, val isClickable: Boolean = true, val tag: String? = null)

Configures options for a Circle overlay which can be added and displayed on the map. See TomTomMap.addCircle(options CircleOptions).

See also

, which describes its properties in a more detailed way.


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constructor(coordinate: GeoPoint, radius: Radius, @ColorInt fillColor: Int = DEFAULT_FILL_COLOR, @ColorInt outlineColor: Int = DEFAULT_OUTLINE_COLOR, @FloatRange(from = 0.0) outlineRadius: Double = DEFAULT_OUTLINE_RADIUS, isClickable: Boolean = true, tag: String? = null)


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object Companion


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Center of the circle overlay.

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for circle overlay.

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val isClickable: Boolean = true

Sets if the circle is clickable, if this parameter is false then clicks will be propagated to objects that are below circle.

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for the circle outline overlay.

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@get:FloatRange(from = 0.0)
val outlineRadius: Double

Radius of the circle outline overlay, use the same units as specified in radius.

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Radius of the circle overlay. Radius must be greater than 0.

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val tag: String? = null

Can be used to identify group of circles.