data class PolygonOverlayOptions(@ColorInt val outerColor: Int, val innerPolygonOptions: InnerPolygonOptions)

Configures options for a PolygonOverlay, which can be added and displayed on the map. See the TomTomMap.addPolygonOverlay(options: PolygonOverlayOption) to check how to add a new PolygonOverlay.

Important: This is a Public Preview API. It may be changed or removed at any time.

See also

, which describes its properties in a more detailed way.


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constructor(@ColorInt outerColor: Int, innerPolygonOptions: InnerPolygonOptions)


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inner polygon of the PolygonOverlay. There can be only one inner polygon in the overlay however inner polygons can be nested.

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Color for the outer area of the PolygonOverlay. The whole world outside of inner polygon will be colored using this color.