class RangeCalculationOptions(val origin: ItineraryPoint, val budgets: Set<Budget>, val vehicle: Vehicle = Vehicle.Car(), val costModel: CostModel? = null, val departAt: Date? = null, val routeToInclude: Route? = null, val queryOptions: QueryOptions = QueryOptions())

Options for range calculation, that is, determining the boundary of the area reachable from an initial vehicle position given an energy, fuel, time, or distance budget.


if the set of budgets is empty or contains more than one budget, or if the vehicle's consumption is not set for the given budget type.


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constructor(origin: ItineraryPoint, budgets: Set<Budget>, vehicle: Vehicle = Vehicle.Car(), costModel: CostModel? = null, departAt: Date? = null, routeToInclude: Route? = null, queryOptions: QueryOptions = QueryOptions())


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Budgets that limit the range. Only one budget is currently supported.

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val costModel: CostModel? = null

Options governing which streets to prefer.

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val departAt: Date? = null

Departure date and time.

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The starting location of the range.

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Options regarding the way the request is sent to the server.

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val routeToInclude: Route? = null

A route that must be included in the range up to the reachable offset. It is used to visually align the range boundary with the reachable offset on the currently navigated route, if there is one. It is recommended to pass the navigated route here if it is displayed simultaneously with the range.

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The vehicle to be used.


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open operator override fun equals(other: Any?): Boolean

Compares this object to another object.

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open override fun hashCode(): Int

Calculates a hash value for this object.

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open override fun toString(): String

Creates a string describing this object.

Inherited functions

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fun RangeCalculationOptions.copy(origin: ItineraryPoint = this.origin, budgets: Set<Budget> = this.budgets, vehicle: Vehicle = this.vehicle, costModel: CostModel? = this.costModel, departAt: Date? = this.departAt, routeToInclude: Route? = this.routeToInclude, queryOptions: QueryOptions = this.queryOptions): RangeCalculationOptions

Copies this object while allowing to change some properties.