data class GeometryDataOptions(@Size(min = 1, max = 20) val geometryIds: List<GeometryId>, @IntRange(from = 0, to = 22) val geometryZoom: Int? = null)

Defines the parameters of a geometry data request.


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constructor(@Size(min = 1, max = 20) geometryIds: List<GeometryId>, @IntRange(from = 0, to = 22) geometryZoom: Int? = null)


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object Companion

Contains the default values for the GeometryDataOptions class.


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Geometry identifiers, previously retrieved from the search request. Maximum number of provided IDs is MAX_NUMBER_OF_GEOMETRIES.

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val geometryZoom: Int? = null

Defines the level of precision for the returned geometries. The higher the zoom level the more precise the geometry data. If the zoom level is not specified, then the result's default zoom level (i.e. the most precise geometry) is retrieved. Zoom level should be in the range MIN_ZOOM_VALUE and MAX_ZOOM_VALUE.