data class GeoLocation(val position: GeoPoint, val accuracy: Distance? = null, val course: Angle? = null, val speed: Speed? = null, val altitude: Distance? = null, val time: Long = System.currentTimeMillis(), val elapsedRealtimeNanos: Long = SystemClock.elapsedRealtimeNanos(), val provider: String = DEFAULT_PROVIDER, val providerType: LocationProviderType = LocationProviderType.REALTIME, val extras: Bundle? = null)

Geographical representation of a certain location. It provides additional attributes like speed or bearing what can be useful in navigation applications.



Geographical position of the current location.


GPS accuracy of the current location.


Course The direction of travel, expressed in degrees clockwise from the north in the range [0,360.0]. Or null if not available. Note: In the Android Location API, the corresponding field is called android.location.Location#getBearing.


Current speed or null if not available.


Altitude or null if not available.


The UTC time of this location fix, in milliseconds since epoch (January 1, 1970).

It is not monotonic, so it should not be used to compare instances of GeoLocation. Prefer elapsedRealtimeNanos for that purpose.


The monotonic time of this fix since system boot, including time spent in deep sleep, in nanoseconds.

Unlike time, this property can be used to reliably compare instances of GeoLocation because it is guaranteed to be monotonic.


The name of the location provider.


The type of the location provider (e.g., REALTIME or SOFT_DR).


Extra data accompanying this location.


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constructor(position: GeoPoint, accuracy: Distance? = null, course: Angle? = null, speed: Speed? = null, altitude: Distance? = null, time: Long = System.currentTimeMillis(), elapsedRealtimeNanos: Long = SystemClock.elapsedRealtimeNanos(), provider: String = DEFAULT_PROVIDER, providerType: LocationProviderType = LocationProviderType.REALTIME, extras: Bundle? = null)


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object Companion


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val accuracy: Distance? = null
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val altitude: Distance? = null
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val course: Angle? = null
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val extras: Bundle? = null
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val speed: Speed? = null
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val time: Long