HTTP response headers

Service version: 1
Last edit: 2024.05.29
TomTom Orbis Maps

Important notes:

  • Orbis Maps Assets API is currently in public preview.
  • This API is powered by the TomTom Orbis Maps.
  • See the TomTom Orbis Maps documentation for more information on Orbis Maps.
  • See the Orbis Maps Assets API Migration page page for information on how to migrate and use the new Orbis Maps Assets API.
  • Use of the Orbis Maps Assets API requires an API Key with access rights to Assets API and, depending on the requested assets, Map Display API and/or Traffic API.


The following data table describes HTTP response headers.

HTTP response headers




Indicates which encodings were applied to the response body.
Value: gzip


Indicates the media type of the resource returned.


Contains an identifier for a specific version of the resource.
Value: string


Contains directives (instructions) that control caching in browsers and shared caches.
The specific directives vary depending on the resource type and whether the requested asset version contains wildcards. See assets versioning.
Value: string


An identifier for the request. If the Tracking-ID header was specified in the request, it is replicated in the response. Otherwise, it is generated automatically by the service. For details check RFC 4122. It is only meant to be used for support and does not involve tracking of you or your users in any form.
Value: string