List fonts versions

Service version: 1
Last edit: 2024.05.29
TomTom Orbis Maps

Important notes:

  • Orbis Maps Assets API is currently in public preview.
  • This API is powered by the TomTom Orbis Maps.
  • See the TomTom Orbis Maps documentation for more information on Orbis Maps.
  • See the Orbis Maps Assets API Migration page page for information on how to migrate and use the new Orbis Maps Assets API.
  • Use of the Orbis Maps Assets API requires an API Key with access rights to Assets API and, depending on the requested assets, Map Display API and/or Traffic API.


  • The list fonts versions functionality shows the user the available font versions and allows them to choose the one needed.
  • It returns an array of font versions, along with URLs to services which allow retrieval of further listings of assets.
  • Once the appropriate font version is chosen, users can proceed to utilize the list fonts functionality.

Request data

HTTPS method: GET

  • Constants and parameters enclosed in curly brackets { } must be replaced with their values.
  • Please see the following Request parameters section with the required and optional parameters tables for their values. The generic request format is as follows.

URL format

Generic URL request format
URL request example{Your_API_Key}&apiVersion=1
curl command request example
curl '{Your_API_Key}&apiVersion=1'

Request parameters

The following table describes the parameters that can be used in a request.

  • Required parameters must be used or the call will fail.
  • Parameters and values are case-sensitive.
  • Optional parameters may be used.

Required parameters



The base URL for calling TomTom services.
Value: The default global API endpoint.


The API version of the service to call.
This can be omitted if the version is already provided as a request header for the particular service, see HTTP request headers.
If the version is given both as a query parameter and as a header value, the one from the query parameter takes precedence.
Value: The current value is 1.


An API Key valid for the requested service.
Value: Your valid API Key.

Request headers

HTTP request headers are common in the Assets API service. For details, see HTTP request headers.

Response data

Successful response

For a single request, the service returns its response body in JSON format.

Response schema

Response body schema
2 "versions": [
3 {
4 "version": "string",
5 "url": "string"
6 }
7 ]

Response field structure

The following table describes JSON element fields that can appear in a response.




The font version.


The URL to the chosen asset type matching the version.


Response example
2 "versions": [
3 {
4 "version": "0.0.0-0",
5 "url": "{api_key}"
6 }
7 ]

Response codes

HTTP response codes are common in the Assets API service. For details, see HTTP response codes.

Response headers

HTTP response headers are common in the Assets API service. For details, see HTTP response headers.