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What is Traffic API?

Traffic API is a suite of web services designed for developers to create web and mobile applications around real-time traffic. These web services can be used via RESTful APIs. The offering is split into Traffic Incidents, providing an accurate view about the traffic jams and incidents around the road network and Traffic Flow, providing real time observed speeds and travel times for all key roads in the network. The Traffic API's are based on the real-time traffic data TomTom Traffic™.

Getting Started

  1. Register/Sign in to TomTom Developer Portal.
  2. Request an evaluation API key to access this service.
  3. Read the API documentation and start coding.
  4. Consider using Maps SDK for Web, for iOS, for Android

Common use-cases you can implement

  • Display real-time traffic incident data on a map or display real-time traffic segment speed data on a map.
  • Indicate the severity of the current traffic condition with colored tubes indicating the delay severity.
  • Display traffic delay data with delay details like location details, length and delay.
  • Indicate the accurate location of slowdowns with colored tubes indicating the delay severity.
  • Obtain current traffic speed information with information about the real-time speed per road segment and display them on a TomTom map.
  • Combine the Traffic Flow Speed information with other real-time traffic information for a Traffic Management Monitoring application.
  • Display segment details like freeflow speed, current speed and confidence values.

Feature list

Harness the power of TomTom Traffic™ for your application!

  • The TomTom Traffic Incident REST API Incident Tile API provides traffic incident and delay information for display on your map view
  • The TomTom Traffic Flow REST API Flow Tile API provides traffic speed information for display on your map view. Option to use the absolute or relative speed information.
  • The Traffic Incident API returns detailed information about traffic jams and traffic related incidents. Details include: start-location, end-location, road-name, type of delay, length (in time) of the delay, significance, distance.
  • The Traffic Incident API is updated every 2 minutes with very latest traffic indent and delay information
  • The Traffic Flow API returns detailed information about traffic speed. Details include: current speed, freeflow speed, quality indicator.
  • The Traffic Flow API is updated every minute with very latest traffic speed information.
  • In both the Traffic Flow and Traffic Incident API different road categories are displayed depending on the zoom level