API Key Management

Last edit: 2023.10.02

What is an API key 

API stands for Application Programming Interface. When you use our location services (our APIs), we need a way to identify that it's your application that's making the request to use the service (API).  


 Terms used on the API & SDK keys tab in the Dashboard: 

  • Key – alphanumeric unique identifier used for authentication and authorization. 
  • Products – API and SDK products assigned to a key. 
  • ID – unique identifier that you can use in support queries related to your key.
  • Key rotation – dashboard feature that allows you to regenerate your API keys in case of a security incident. Learn more about key rotation at How to rotate a TomTom API key.
  • QPS management – dashboard feature that enables customers to request a change of their queries per second (QPS) limit. This feature is only available for our enterprise customers. Learn more about QPS management at QPS management.
  • Billing type – how the key is billed: 
    • For Enterprise customers the billing types are as follows: 
      • Paying – billing is based on a licensing agreement. 
      • Evaluation – billing is based on an evaluation agreement. 
      • Free – personal key, not billed. 
    • For Freemium / Pay as You Grow customers the billing types are as follows: 
      • Freemium 
      • Pay as You Grow 

Start using your API key 


Click on your key and it will be copied to your clipboard. Keys are truncated in the interface for security reasons. 

You can use the following API request example to test your key. Remember to replace Your_API_Key with your own key. Then paste the whole query in your browser address bar and hit enter.  



You should now see a map tile containing the whole world. 

One Tile Map

Find important information about your key 

 The API & SDK keys tab in the Dashboard can provide you with the following information: 

  • What products your key is valid for. 

  • When the key was created. 

  • When (if ever) key rotation was performed on this key. 

  • What are the allowed domains for your key. 

Perform operations on your key 

 For each of your keys the following operations are available: 

  • Editing the key 

  • Editing the key name, assigned products and domain whitelist. 

  • Key rotation. Learn more about key rotation at How to rotate a TomTom API key.

  • Adjusting QPS limits (available only for enterprise customers). Learn more about QPS management at QPS Management.

  • Deleting the key. 


The above operations can be accessed from the "…" menu next to the API key.  

key management

Monitor usage of your keys 

 Detailed analytics information is provided for each of your keys. To check your usage, navigate to the Analytics tab. To learn more about statistics provided by TomTom refer to the Dashboard Analytics FAQ.


What to do if your key is disabled 

 In very rare cases your key might show up as disabled on the dashboard. In case this happens, and you believe this to be a mistake, please contact support.

Key disabled