Release Notes

Version 0.48.0 - 15/05/2024

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Breaking changes
  • Change parameter 0 type of TomTomSDKPOIVisualization.display(pois:) from TomTomSDKPOIVisualization.POI to TomTomSDKPOIVisualization.POILocation.
  • Change parameter 0 type of TomTomSDKPOIVisualization.remove(pois:) from TomTomSDKPOIVisualization.POI to TomTomSDKPOIVisualization.POILocation.
  • Change parameter 0 type of TomTomSDKPOIVisualization.POITapObserver.didTap(on:marker:) from TomTomSDKPOIVisualization.POI to TomTomSDKPOIVisualization.POILocation.
  • Change parameter 2 type of TomTomSDKPOIVisualization.displayPOIsAlongRoute(geometry:configuration:completion) from @escaping (Swift.Result<[TomTomSDKPOIVisualization.POI], any Swift.Error>) to @escaping (Swift.Result<[TomTomSDKPOIVisualization.POILocation], any Swift.Error>).
  • Increase the minimum supported iOS version from 13 to 14 to take advantage of the latest features and improvements available in iOS 14.
  • Remove struct TomTomSDKPOIVisualization.POI. You should now use TomTomSDKPOIVisualization.POILocation instead.


  • Change TomTomSDKMapDisplay.init(mapOptions:) initializer type from convenience to designated to avoid calling a convenience initializer from the subclass.
  • Traffic jams without delay are no longer drawn on the route.
Breaking changes
  • Change the order of the arguments in the constructor TomTomSDKNavigation.OfflineTomTomNavigationFactory.Configuration.init(ndsMapContext:locationProvider:...).

  • Rename the argument routeReplanningRetryPolicy to replanningRetryPolicy in the constructor TomTomNavigation.OnlineTomTomNavigationFactory.init(navigationTileStore:locationProvider:...).

    Use updated constructor TomTomNavigation.OnlineTomTomNavigationFactory.init(navigationTileStore:locationProvider:...)

  • Replace the argument routeReplanner: RouteReplanner with routePlanner: RoutePlanner in the constructor TomTomSDKNavigation.OnlineTomTomNavigationFactory.Configuration.init(navigationTileStore:locationProvider:...).

    Route Replanner is created with the corresponding Route Planner instance.

New features
  • Add geoJSON support for better route proposal. It enhances the stylization capability based on MapLibre style specifications.
  • The constructor TomTomSDKNavigation.OfflineTomTomNavigationFactory.Configuration.init(ndsStore:locationProvider:routeReplanner:vehicleProvider:betterProposalAcceptanceMode:deviationReplanningMode:) is available in Public Preview.


  • Throw RoutingOptionsError if more than one budget is provided in RangeCalculationOptions.