The Top 20 Location Technology Resources for Developers in July 2021

Ruanna Owens
Aug 4, 2021 • Last edit on Sep 20, 20226 min read

Things sometimes slow down a bit in July with people taking vacations or time away from their screens. In case you took a much-needed break off the grid this past month, here’s a roundup of all our tutorials from TomTom Developers this past month – accompanied by some of our favorite articles and resources that we encountered in July.


Learn how to use TomTom maps with Django, migrate from Google Maps, or check out our fleet management tutorials: learn how to track and trace construction assets with the Location History API, or route truck rest stops with CodePen and the Reachable Range API. Lastly, get to know our July Mapmaker, Leen D’hondt, Product Manager for TomTom Maps!

Tracking and Tracing Construction Assets with the Location History API

TomTom’s Location History API allows users to safely store and retrieve the locations and movements of tracked devices. There are a plethora of ways developers can use the Location History API (primarily the Objects Service and the Position History Service) to build applications that solve real construction industry problems.

Adding TomTom Maps to a Django App: Building a Django Back End

Server-side frameworks like Django read and generate pages in milliseconds —which is perfect for apps accessing a store information database. In this tutorial, learn how to build a simple store locator app’s back end using Django with a location model linked to TomTom Maps APIs.

In part two of our Django series, we'll add a TomTom map to our locator app by setting up Django URLs, creating views, and understanding the mapping code.


For the fifth article in the TomTom Mapmakers series, we spoke with Leen D’hondt, Senior Product Manager for the Maps product unit. Learn more about Leen’s journey working with maps in a variety of industries, and her insights on the future of location technology.

How to Migrate from Google Maps to TomTom Maps in 8 Easy Steps

How to transition different elements of your map from Google Maps to TomTom Maps, from displaying a simple map to adding Traffic, Routing, Search and Map Markers in a matter of minutes.

Routing Truck Rest Stops with TomTom Maps

Learn how to easily include TomTom’s reachable range in your routing app using CodePen, helping truckers time their rest stops to comply with regulations — and get a good meal and rest at their favorite truck stop.


Developers are in a unique position to utilize location technology to help a wide range of businesses, in a variety of industries. From delivering packages to displaying traffic to routing for electric vehicles, our Maps APIs have got you covered. In this video, our dev advocate Jose shows us how to build a traffic dashboard, create a service delivery app, and plan long distance routing for EVs.

In this video, Jose does some route reconstruction with on-demand product marketing manager Anna, using the Location History API. Watch how they created a new project using the Geofencing API and added her car as an asset to track. This use case can be useful for transport companies to manage vehicles and optimize routes.


TomTom participated in Home Delivery Asia, a virtual event covering innovation and disruption in Asian retail logistics, last mile delivery & warehousing. Product Marketing Manager Dosanna Wu gave a talk on using location technology to improve the last mile delivery – you can catch the talk below!

Vinod Kumar, Head of Strategic Sales for India & Asia, also gave a talk on location tech for food and grocery delivery. You can watch his talk here.


Our Developer Forum is a great place to get support when you’re stuck on a project or get inspiration for a new one. Here are some of our most popular questions and answers from the forum this month:

Even More Resources

There were so many resources we loved in July. We found and shared so many that this month we’re organizing them by category. Here are some articles, videos, and resources we enjoyed and shared this month:


Do you have a blog or project you’d like to share with the TomTom Developers community to be featured in an upcoming monthly roundup? Reach out to us at and let us know!

We hope there’s something in here to get you inspired for your next project! Make sure to follow us on Twitter and YouTube to see what’s coming up in August.

Happy mapping!

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