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Make the most of the TomTom Maps APIs by developing with our Maps SDK for JavaScript, Android™ and iOS. Easy to use libraries, complete toolkits and free maps and traffic display on mobile!


    Make the most out of the TomTom Maps APIs by using JavaScript, Android™, iOS specific functions like map controls, marker clustering, heatmaps, and other map layers options.


    Download our toolkits comprised of documentation, code samples, functional demos, and SDK examples to get started.


    When using our Maps SDK for iOS and Android™, maps and traffic flow display is entirely free for an unlimited amount of time!

Our products

  • Maps SDK for Web

    JavaScript libraries to easily add maps, places, directions and traffic to any web application. Combine it with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to easily add customizable maps to your website. Available via CDN and NPM.

  • Maps SDK for Android™

    Android™ libraries that allow you to add free maps, as well as routing and geocoding functionalities to your Android™ application. Available via Maven and compatible with Java and Kotlin.

  • Maps SDK for iOS

    Our libraries for iOS allows you to add maps, traffic, directions and places search to your iOS application. Available via CocoaPods and compatible with Swift and ObjectiveC.

  • Out-of-the-box location services

    The latest and greatest TomTom Maps APIs, conveniently packaged to offer faster development on the platform of your choice. From customizable maps to advanced directions, quickly add location to your application.

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  • Free Maps and Traffic on Mobile

    Developing with our SDKs is free. You don’t pay per user, you only pay for the services you consume. And you get 2500 free transactions per day. And on top of that, free maps and traffic flow display when accessed from our Maps SDKs for iOS or Android™.
    Yes, free - unlimited.

  • Complete toolkits

    Developing with our SDKs is easy. They come with documentation, examples, and sample code that you can copy directly to your project. Switching from Google Maps or building a taxi app? There’s a tutorial for that! It’s all available on GitHub.

    TomTom on GitHub View tutorials
  • Maximum flexibility

    Developing with our SDKs is flexible & customizable. Our modular architecture and hosted assets minimize your app footprint & enable you to easily customize UI elements to create maps that match your style with TomTom Map Styler.

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