Automotive UI


Automotive UI is TomTom’s in-car navigation app, providing an engaging, intiutive, and stress-free navigation experience. It runs on top of TomTom’s Navigation SDK and utilizes TomTom’s up-to-date maps and dynamic services. As such, Automotive UI benefits from TomTom’s 20+ years of experience in navigation software, map making, real-time traffic and more. It integrates easily with the rest of the vehicle’s infotainment system, allowing OEMs to provide their users with a holistic user experience, rather than a standalone navigation application.

It also integrates deeply with the vehicle itself. This allows for consistency between the navigation and other vehicle functions. For instance, it enables integration with controls, such as steering wheel buttons, and more advanced integrations like dynamic consumption models and driving lane detection.

End-users benefit from a driver-centric experience, whether they’re taking routine trips and need travel information or are on vacation to somewhere new. Thanks to the feedback and experience of more than 100 million drivers, Automotive UI is well-suited for any scenario.

Available features

  • Turn-by-turn navigation: Always gets you to your destination on-time, safe, and stress-free. Continuous navigation, also when internet connectivity is lost.
  • Warnings & alerts: Notifies you of upcoming events such as traffic jams, safety cameras, hazards, and more.
  • Premium map display: Enabling an immersive driving experience, with lane-level precision guiding you through unfamiliar junctions.
  • Integrates with the car: Provides you with guidance in tunnels through the use of sensors, and it takes your EV battery charge into account when planning a route.
  • Integrates with the IVI system: We utilise every screen in the car and listen to every input control, steering wheel included.

Compatible devices

Available devicesAboutAction
Carluex ↑All features are supported except for vehicle integration (e.g. EV routing).

Additional devices that are compatible will be available soon.

How to provide feedback

Do you have an idea for a new feature, notice something that's missing, confusing, or not working as intended?

To record your feedback, simply tap the Feedback Assistant button. This action begins recording a voice memo. Speak naturally as you describe your feedback.


Please see Providing feedback for more information on the in-app Feedback Assistant.

What happens with my feedback?

Your feedback will be automatically gathered, processed, and forwarded to the appropriate product team(s).

We're currently developing a user dashboard that enables you to monitor your submitted feedback and track its progress, ensuring you're kept informed throughout the entire process. Stay tuned for its release in the coming months!