Automotive Beta Program


Help shape the future of driving innovation. Join the Automotive Beta Program and test the latest in-car features. Your thoughts will guide us to make driving better for everyone. Get started and make a difference!

Our mission

Our mission is to redefine driving, powered by your feedback. We want to harness the collective insights of automotive enthusiasts, professionals, and everyday drivers to shape the next generation of automotive technology. With our program, try out our latest products like Automotive UI or Digital Cockpit on various devices, demo cars and your own vehicle.

Who can participate?

The Automotive Beta Program is open to all employees, offering testing durations from quick 10-minute sessions to comprehensive weeks-long explorations. You can test in your own car or book a demo car (coming soon) to help shape the future of driving.


How can you contribute?

We invite you to explore and test across TomTom’s product range. Whether you encounter bugs or have ideas for improvement, use the in-app feedback to share your thoughts directly with our product teams. Your insights shape feature development, enhancing our products and solving real-world challenges for drivers everywhere. As the program evolves, we’ll introduce targeted requests for feedback to further enhance our products.

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Common questions

See responses to frequently asked questions below. Please consult the Support page for additional information.

What is the Automotive Beta Program?

The Automotive Beta Program allows TomTom employees to actively test our products and provide feedback to improve and refine them. Participants get early access to the latest TomTom products and contribute directly to their development, helping shape the future of automotive technology.

How do I join the Automotive Beta Program?

Currently, the program is open to TomTom employees, with no additional actions required to get started at this moment.

What do I need to test?

We encourage you to explore and test various TomTom products. Your insights on any aspect that catches your attention are valuable.