VERSION 0.40.0
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TomTom’s Android SDKs help you bring map visualization, location handling, and driver guidance to your Android application with minimal effort.

The Navigation SDK issues visual and audio turn-by-turn instructions at the right moments, and smartly handles events like deviations and traffic jams in the route ahead.

It is also highly customizable, letting customers redefine various aspects of the guidance logic.

Explore features

The Navigation SDK uses the Maps SDK to display map routes, search for and show locations, and display traffic information.

Read more in the Maps SDK documentation.

Turn-by-turn navigation

Build navigation along a provided route, including maneuvers and progress along the route.

Built-in UI

Use the included UI elements to implement all stages of navigation and quickly customize them to reflect your branding.

Free driving

Provide navigation without a route and detailed location information such as speed, speed limit, and country and street names.

Continuous replanning

Improve the driver’s experience by refreshing route data, finding a better alternative, or replanning when they deviate from the planned route.

Voice instructions

Provide spoken instructions to assist drivers in following a route.


Tailor your application by replacing components with ones from other sources, or excluding them completely them if you don’t need them.

API Reference

Explore the reference documentation for all Maps and Navigation SDKs.

Release Notes

Stay up to date with information on the latest releases.