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Raster Flow Tiles

The TomTom Flow Tile service serves 256 x 256 pixel tiles showing traffic flow. All tiles use the same grid system. Because the traffic tiles use transparent images, they can be layered on top of map tiles to create a compound display. The Traffic Flow tiles use colors to indicate either the speed of traffic on different road segments, or the difference between that speed and the free-flow speed on the road segment in question.






The table below describes all of the parameters that can be used in a request. Required parameters must be used or the call will fail. Optional parameters, which are highlighted with [square brackets], may be used. If there is a default value that will be assumed when an optional parameter is not used, it is shown in the table.

Parameter Description Reqd? Type / Values Default Value
baseURL Base URL for calling TomTom services. Yes
versionNumber Version of the service to call. The current version is 4. Yes 4
style The style to be used to render the tile.
When style is absolute, the colors will reflect the absolute speed measured. Calls using relative style return the speed relative to free-flow, highlighting areas of congestion. Relative-delay displays relative speeds only where they are different from the freeflow speeds. Reduced-sensitivity displays relative speeds but larger difference from freeflow (depending on FRC) is required for segment to change the color.
  • absolute
  • relative
  • relative-delay
  • reduced-sensitivity
zoom Zoom level of tile to be rendered. Yes 0 .. 18
x x coordinate of tile on zoom grid. Yes 0..2 zoom -1
y y coordinate of tile on zoom grid. Yes 0..2 zoom -1
mimeType The mime type for the response. Yes


apiKey API Key valid for requested service. Yes API Key
[thickness] The segment width multiplier. No 1..20 10

Note that the flow layer can create a patchwork tile effect if the flow traffic data changes between calls of adjacent tiles.


Http Response Codes

Code Meaning and Possible Causes
200 OK
400 Bad request, usually due to malformed syntax

  • zoom n is out of range 0 <= zoom < 19: the requested zoom level is out of the possible range
  • x n is out of range [0,m]: the requested x coordinate is out of the possible range (the value of m will vary depending on zoom level)
  • y n is out of range [0,m]: the requested y coordinate is out of the possible range (the value of m will vary depending on zoom level)
  • Unknown Content Type: nnn: the requested content type is not supported
403 Forbidden: Supplied API key is not valid for this request
500 Internal Server Error