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Search API Documentation


Service version: 2.0
Last edit: 2019.02.01


The Search API consists of the following services with their corresponding endpoints:

Search service

This is a single line fuzzy search for addresses and POIs, with the option to restrict the search within a certain geometry.

Geocoding service

Geocoding only looks up locations of addresses with the ability to provide single line or structured addresses as input.

Reverse Geocoding

Reverse Geocoding turns latitudes / longitudes into human readable addresses with the ability to look up cross streets.

Filters service

Filter your own, or 3rd party POIs (Points of Interest), either within a certain geometry.

Batch Search service

Batch Search dispatches batches of requests to endpoints from the Search API suite with ease. You can call Batch Search endpoints to run either Asynchronously, or Synchronously.

Additional Data service

Enables you to retrieve additional data for search results. See the Market Coverage Search API page for a list of all the countries supported by the Search engine.

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