Release Notes

Version 1.8.0 - 09/07/2024

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Breaking changes
  • Add Context parameter to the Telemetry.initialize(TelemetryConfigProvider) API.
  • Improve exceptions documentation to show exactly which errors are thrown in com.tomtom.sdk.telemetry.Telemetry and com.tomtom.sdk.telemetry.DefaultTelemetryConfigProvider.

  • The following are now available in Public Preview:

    • com.tomtom.sdk.datamanagement.datasource.DataSourceChangedListener
    • com.tomtom.sdk.datamanagement.datasource.DataSourceChangedNotifier
    • com.tomtom.sdk.datamanagement.hybridnavigationdata.HybridNavigationDataStore.dataSourceChangedNotifier
  • NetworkStateProvider is deprecated. No alternative will be provided, as it is not used in the public API of the SDK.


  • Improve performance on map-matching by optimizing call efficiency.


Breaking changes
  • Rename to
New features
  • Add click listener support for traffic incidents in Routing Visualization.
  • Add API comment to clarify when NavViz must be closed.
  • Add the main thread execution verification to to ensure API calls are executed from the main thread.
  • Explicitly set all background colors to match the current style mode (light/dark).
  • Fix setting ScaleView font sizes for unit and value attributes.
  • Limit the amount of RAM consumed by the httpHandler's in-memory cache to 5MB.
  • Prevent incorrectly shifted instruction arrows.
Breaking changes
  • Convert com.tomtom.sdk.navigation.guidance.instruction.Signpost from data class to class.
  • Remove com.tomtom.sdk.tts.engine.TextToSpeechEngine Voice API.
  • Rename the com.tomtom.sdk.navigation.routereplanner.RouteReplanner.backToRoute(NavigationSnapshot): Result<RouteReplannerResponse, RouteReplanningFailure> to com.tomtom.sdk.navigation.routereplanner.RouteReplanner.fullReplan(NavigationSnapshot): Result<RouteReplannerResponse, RouteReplanningFailure>.
  • Improve useful information provided by overriding the toString in com.tomtom.sdk.navigation.guidance.InstructionPhase to print the name of the value.
  • Filter out irrelevant administrative speed limits.
  • Fix application crash that occurred when offline map-matching service called map data that was released or not initialized.
  • Reduce CPU usage for horizon updates.
  • Remove the filtering logic that previously prevented triggering necessary deviations, returning route progress of 0.
  • Return null rather if the extrapolated result does not have a matched location.
  • Reverse movement at the route with U-turn and parallel road progress fix.
  • Switch instantly to the optimal data store, whenever using a sub-optimal data store.
  • Deprecate component1() of com.tomtom.sdk.navigation.guidance.instruction.Signpost class. Use exitNumber instead.
  • Deprecate component2() of com.tomtom.sdk.navigation.guidance.instruction.Signpost class. Use exitName instead.
  • Deprecate component3() of com.tomtom.sdk.navigation.guidance.instruction.Signpost class. Use towardName instead.
  • Deprecate copy() of com.tomtom.sdk.navigation.guidance.instruction.Signpost class. Use constructor to create the copy.


Breaking changes
  • Remove com.tomtom.sdk.personaldata.offline.OfflinePersonalDataFactory. Use com.tomtom.sdk.personaldata.PersonalDataFactory instead.
  • Remove module com.tomtom.sdk.personaldata:personal-data-offline, use com.tomtom.sdk.personaldata:personal-data instead.


Breaking changes
  • Convert com.tomtom.sdk.routing.route.Signpost from data class to class.
New features
  • Add onboard LDEV input parameters.
  • Add online route planner implementation of supporting points per leg.
  • Enable 360-degree reachable range calculation for the Orbis map.
  • Restore the default behavior for online incremental planning against Orbis instead of throwing an exception.
  • Update documentation to support lane recommendations.
  • Correct OnlineRoutePlanner.advanceGuidanceProgress so it properly constructs RouteLegOptions and uses adequate reconstructionMode.
  • Fix the failure of incremental offline route planning when a waypoint is added to the itinerary .
  • Deprecate component1() of com.tomtom.sdk.routing.route.Signpost class. Use exitNumber instead.
  • Deprecate component2() of com.tomtom.sdk.routing.route.Signpost class. Use exitName instead.
  • Deprecate component3() of com.tomtom.sdk.routing.route.Signpost class. Use towardName instead.
  • Deprecate copy() of com.tomtom.sdk.routing.route.Signpost class. Use constructor to create the copy.
Breaking changes
  • Remove com.tomtom.sdk.location.poi.ev.ChargingPoint.restrictions and com.tomtom.sdk.location.poi.ev.ChargingPoint.capabilities.

    • Update com.tomtom.sdk.location.poi.ev.ChargingPoint constructor.
New features
  • Provide currentType for connectors in EvSearchResult for offline search.