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  • How long are the prepaid amounts valid for?

    The prepaid amount is valid for a year, after which it expires. You can always check your balance in your dashboard. We will send you notification emails shortly before any of your prepaid amount is about to expire.

  • In which currencies are prices available?
    When billing country is in the European Union the prices are set in Euro. In all other cases it is in US Dollar. Currency and tax amounts are determined by the country or state indicated in your billing information.
  • Where can I get an overview of my usage and expenses?

    In the dashboard you can see your current and past usage, current balance of your daily free API requests and of your prepaid amount.

  • Where can I get an invoice about my past usage and expenses?

    We send an invoice after every payment and all invoices are available for download in the dashboard. If you need another type of overview of your expenses or usage, check your dashboard or contact our support team.

  • Can I be charged monthly?

    We only offer monthly and annual subscriptions as part of our Enterprise plan, but you can set an auto-renewal of your balance every time your balance goes below a threshold that you specify in your payment settings here. That way you never run out of Pay As You Grow prepaid balance, but only add balance to your account when you actually need it.

  • Do you offer any free requests beyond the freemium?
    When you use our Maps SDK for iOS or Android, you also get map and traffic flow tiles absolutely for free. Customizing a map is also free – embrace your creative freedom using Map Styler and create a map that stands out from the crowd!
  • What happens if I exceed free usage limits or run out of my prepaid balance?
    When the free usage limits are exceeded or your prepaid balance runs out, the API requests will return a 429 HTTP status code.
  • How can I increase QPS limit?

    We offer flexible QPS limits in our Enterprise plan. Contact us for an offer tailored to your needs.

  • How can I get higher matrix size limits for the Matrix Routing v2 API?

    In Freemium and Pay-as-you-Grow the limit is 200 cells per synchronous request and 2500 per asynchronous request. If you need a higher number of cells, contact us to get a personalized offer.

  • How can I get higher waypoints limits for Waypoint Optimization API?

    In Freemium and Pay-as-you-Grow the limit is 12 waypoints per request. If you need a higher number of waypoints, contact us to get a personalized offer.

  • When should I upgrade to the Pay As You Grow plan?

    You should upgrade to the Pay As You Grow plan if you want to consume more than 50,000 free tile request and 2,500 free non-tile requests per day. If you plan to make a high volume of requests on a continuous basis, then consider contacting us for a tailored offer.

  • What happens to my API keys if I upgrade to Pay As You Grow?
    If you have free access to TomTom Maps APIs, you can upgrade to Pay As You Grow or an Enterprise plan with zero impact on your customers' applications. All of your API keys will continue to work.
  • Is there an upper daily limit for the Pay As You Grow plan?

    Our daily limit is only restricted to the prepaid balance you have left in your account. You can easily monitor how many requests are consumed and what your current balance is in the dashboard. There are no limits to the frequency of adding more prepaid balance in our Pay As You Grow plans. However, if you make high volume of requests on a continuous basis, it might be better to contact us for a tailored offer.

  • Which plan is required for an asset and vehicle tracking application?

    You can build asset and vehicle tracking applications with any plan. What's more - with our Enterprise plan, we offer pricing models based on the number of vehicles or assets tracked. Contact us for an offer tailored to your needs.

  • I am a customer and I see pricing has changed. Where can I get more information about the change?

    For more information on pricing changes, please check out the pricing migration guide.

  • How can I update my credit card details?

    We do not store any credit card information on our developer portal. If you need to switch to a different credit card, you need to make a new one-time manual purchase using this link. After that, all future payments will be made using the new card.

  • How do I switch from Google Maps to TomTom?
    It’s easy! Create an account, get your free API key and follow one of these convenient step-by-step tutorials:
    Feel free to also get in touch with us via the Developer Forum.
  • How can I get access to Traffic Stats, O/D Analysis and Route Monitoring?

    You can access them directly via the TomTom Move portal. Under the Enterprise plan you can license Maps APIs and traffic data as well as other TomTom products. Contact sales for a personalized offer.

  • What kind of tech support can I get?

    With the Freemium and Pay As You Grow plans you can reach our tech experts directly via this contact form or post your question on our Forum. The Forum connects you to our developer community, and is also closely followed by our TomTom experts who are happy to help you with your challenge there. Enterprise plan customers have access to a dedicated support engineer, who will be able to help in a personalized and more extensive way.