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Geofencing involves defining an area with a virtual "fence" boundary, then tracking device locations to determine whether they’re inside or outside a geofenced area. TomTom provides a Geofencing service that provides APIs for creating and managing geofencing projects, objects to be tracked, and defining the geofences themselves. In this article we'll take a look at the TomTom Geofencing service from a developer's point of view, covering the elements of the service and APIs.
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SimpliRoute, a fleet and logistics solution provider based in South America, provides a powerful last-mile logistics tool tailored to the fleet and logistics industry. Their flexible and dynamic platform allows users to efficiently manage multiple delivery routes with real-time tracking, analyze delivery statistics, and reduce operational costs. SimpliRoute has partnered with location technology specialist TomTom to enhance their services through the TomTom Search API and its precise geocoding features.
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