Last edit: 2023.09.29
TomTom Orbis Maps

This page includes a brief introduction elaborating the rationale behind the implementation of the two copyright statements.

If you intend to use utilize our services encompassing TomTom Orbis Maps services, it is imperative that your application prominently presents this copyright notice either within a website or within the About screen of your application.

© TomTom. All rights reserved. This material is proprietary and the subject of copyright protection, database right protection, and other intellectual property rights owned by TomTom or its suppliers. The use of this material is subject to the terms of a license agreement. Any unauthorized copying or disclosure of this material will lead to criminal and civil liabilities.

© OpenStreetMap contributors. This data is licensed under the terms of the Open Database License (ODbL) available at More information can be found here: To the extent that you create a browsable electronic map using this product, you are further required to comply with the provisions of

Furthermore, if you intend to integrate TomTom Orbis Maps services with other TomTom APIs, adherence to this requirement is likewise obligatory. Kindly refer to the terms and conditions provided at: