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Service version: 2
Last edit: 2019.07.09


The Search service consists of the following endpoints:

GETFuzzy Search endpoint
Single line search for both addresses and POIs (Points of Interest).
Misspelling tolerance can be influenced by changing the fuzziness level.

GETPoints of Interest (POI) Search endpoint
Search for POIs only.

GETCategory Search endpoint
Search by category only and get POIs within the category.

GETor POSTGeometry Search endpoint
Search within one or multiple geometries.

GETNearby Search endpoint
Get POIs (Points of Interest) around your current location.

GETLow Bandwidth Search (abbreviated Search) endpoint (Deprecated)
Consumes less data for the same services.

POSTAlong Route Search endpoint
Allows you to perform a fuzzy search for POIs (Points of Interest) along a specified route.