Extended Routing API Release Notes

Service version: 1
Last edit: 2023.05.22


This TomTom Release Notes page records additions, improvements, deprecations, removals, and known issues. The release dates are in descending order starting with the most recent update.

Release date: 2023.05.22


  • Vehicle number of axles: Added the option to add the number of axles of the vehicle as a routing algorithm parameter (vehicleNumberOfAxles).


  • The deprecated error element in error responses has been removed.

Release date: 2023.01.26


  • Low-Emission Zones: Added the option to ask for low-emission zone sections in the route (sectionType=lowEmissionZone).

Release date: 2023.01.24


  • Avoid Low-Emission Zones: Added the option to avoid low-emission zones in the list of avoid parameters (avoid=lowEmissionZones).

Release date: 2022.12.09


  • arriveAt: Added the option to set the arrival time (arriveAt).