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Map display

Map Display

These FAQs are related to Map display.

Questions and answers:
  • Does the SDK offer alternative options for map orientation?
  • Does the SDK allow the customization and display of different map layers? (administrative areas and boundaries, vehicle restrictions, hill shading) 
  • Is there a tool available that allows the modification of the SDK tiles?
  • Does the SDK allow the display of satellite tiles?
  • Does the SDK automatically switch to night / dark mode when the sun sets?
  • Does the SDK allow the modification of map styles?
  • Does the built-in UI offer a configurable display of preferred POIs on the map (e.g., restaurants, hotels, airports, gas, coffee, or customizable)?
  • Does the SDK allow the addition of a customized label on a marker?
  • Does the SDK provide maneuvers?
  • Can the events and gestures of the SDK be customized?
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