5 Cool Ways to Use Maps APIs

APIs are designed to help developers build applications easier and faster, and SDKs help speed up the process by turning some of the most complex APIs into even easier-to-use functions. We’ll take a look at some of the most interesting ideas we see the TomTom Maps SDK for Web being used for and how to implement them.
Apr 12, 2023 · 9 min read
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How TomTom Maps APIs Enable Just-in-Time Construction Material Delivery

Construction projects require planning and coordination to ensure time-sensitive materials like concrete and asphalt arrive when workers are ready. Learn how TomTom’s APIs and geofencing help plan routes, track ETA, and send alerts to optimize construction efficiency.
Jan 10, 2022·6 mins read

Using Mapping APIs to Reward Insurance Customers for Good Driving Habits

Many insurance companies turn to mobile applications to monitor their clients’ safe — or not so safe — driving. Learn how to use TomTom Maps APIs to build out an app that insurance companies can trust to reward drivers for their good driving habits.
Nov 24, 2021·8 mins read
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Analyzing and Visualizing TomTom Location History Data

Now more than ever, developers and data scientists can glean insights into datasets. But insights into data require data. TomTom makes it easy for developers and data scientists to collect data from its APIs quickly, enabling developers and data scientists to put the data to work using their favorite tools.
Sep 01, 2021·9 mins read

Tracking and Tracing Construction Assets with the Location History API

TomTom’s Location History API enables us to safely store and retrieve the locations and movements of tracked devices. As developers, there are a plethora of ways we could use the Location History API (primarily the Objects Service and the Position History Service) to build applications that solve real construction industry problems. We'll examine some of the challenges in the construction field and how the Location History API can help solve them.
Jul 09, 2021·5 mins read