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The TomTom Maps SDK for iOS makes it easy to include powerful mapping and location services in your iOS applications, and we’re going to show you that today.
Build Different

The TomTom Maps SDK for iOS makes it easy to take advantage of TomTom location APIs when you're building iOS apps for iPhones and iPads. The SDK handles the nitty gritty details of talking to the TomTom APIs so you can focus on building your app. To make sure you get started off right, this article guides you through getting your iOS project set up and running with the TomTom Maps SDK using Swift, and includes an example of adding a map view to your project.
Build Different

SwiftUI is Apple's latest and greatest interface for creating application interfaces. It's easy to adapt UIKit components like the TomTom Maps SDK for iOS for use with SwiftUI by using the UiViewRepresentable protocol. This article will show how to use SwiftUI to embed a TomTom Map in an iOS app, the basic building block for almost any mapping application.