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Geofencing involves defining an area with a virtual "fence" boundary, then tracking device locations to determine whether they’re inside or outside a geofenced area. TomTom provides a Geofencing service that provides APIs for creating and managing geofencing projects, objects to be tracked, and defining the geofences themselves. In this article we'll take a look at the TomTom Geofencing service from a developer's point of view, covering the elements of the service and APIs.
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Geofencing lets us create virtual boundaries on a map that can track assets and enable us to connect our users to the things that matter the most to them. Learn more about what geofencing really is, why it’s important to use and more importantly, how simple it is to create your own geofence.
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This Halloween, you can create an application that uses data, but doesn’t abuse it, and have fun experimenting with location-based code for a good cause. Let's explore the ethics and use case of using someone else’s location info, and how the Geofencing API can still offer engineers a way to create applications that protect the privacy of all parties.