TomTom Maps SDK for Web V6 Now Available
Anna Borbotko·Jan 19, 2021

TomTom Maps SDK for Web V6 Now Available

Anna Borbotko
Jan 19, 2021 · 3 min read

With the latest version of our Map SDK for Web, you can impress customers by quickly creating an interactive map experience. With this sixth version, you can style your map or add Foursquare POI data on the fly.

TomTom Maps SDK for Web V6 Released to General Availability

Starting today, V6 of the Maps SDK for Web is now the latest and greatest version available on our Developer Portal. With this latest update you’ll see improved highlights such as:

• The ability to style all map layers at once & import it into Maps SDK

Thanks to Merged Styles, you can save time editing map, traffic and POI layers simultaneously in the TomTom Map Styler. When you’re done styling, you can easily import your edited map into the Maps SDK.

• Quick access to POI data powered by Foursquare

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you, so you can easily integrate Foursquare POI Photos and Details. Here’s an example.

• 14 new examples to impress your users with an interactive map experience

Available only in Maps for Web SDK V6, you can make your map more informative and engaging by creating animations, clustered bubbles, clickable POIs and overlaying images.

Depracation of Previous Versions

As technology evolves, so do we. Older versions of the Maps SDK will enter deprecation for the next 12 months, as follows:

  • Maps SDK for Web V5 enters deprecation notice for the next 12 months; there will only be critical bug fixes & no new features.

  • Maps SDK for Web V4’s deprecation period is extended until June 2021; after June 2021, documentation will be removed from the Developer Portal.

Why Migrate?

If you are actively developing your application – start migration to V6 now. To help ease through the transition, please refer to the tutorials.

We know that life can get busy, so we recommend you download libraries, an offline version of the documentation, examples and plugins for your current version before the withdrawal date.

Quick Links

If you’re ready to learn more about version 6 of Map SDK, here are a few links to get your started:

Other SDKs

Of course, if you find yourself facing any problems as you start developing your project using our Maps SDK, please reach out to us in the TomTom Developer Forum.

Thanks and happy mapping!

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