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Release notes


Release date:  14 October 2019
  • Added capabilities for changing pitch and bearing to NavigationControl
  • Added "Pitch and bearing controls" example
  • Added "Draggable markers" example
  • Added "GeoJSON polygon with solid fill" example
  • Added "GeoJSON polygon with pattern fill" example
  • Bug & documentation fixes


Release date:  16 September 2019
  • Bug & documentation fixes


Release date:  04 September 2019
  • Updated style for vector map and traffic.
  • Added "Heatmap" and "Traffic incidents heatmap" examples.
  • Added "Static map image" example.
  • Added "Geopolitcal views" example (for map).
  • Bug & documentation fixes.


Release date:  20 August 2019
  • Added distribution via CDN (please refer to the Downloads page).
  • Added 'Multiple Maps' example.
  • Searchbox improvements - styling changes and added support for defining a placeholder.
  • Bug & documentation fixes.


Release date:  6 August 2019
  • Introduced hosted styles and assets:
    • Styles definitions, glyphs and sprites used for vector map and traffic tiles rendering are now excluded from the SDK package.
    • Experimentation with the SDK becomes easier as developers are no longer required to host the assets themselves for a default TomTom styling.
    • Please, refer to the documentation as this change is not backward compatible.
  • Added console warnings if the usage of deprecated parameters is detected.
  • JSONP support was removed.
  • Bug & documentation fixes.


Release date:  24 July 2019
  • Added the possibility to set a placeholder text for the SearchBox plugin.
  • Removed requirement to wrap tier modifications during startup in a "load" map event handler.
  • Fixed a problem with displaying a raster basic labels map style.
  • Bug & documentation fixes.


Release date:  8 July 2019
  • RTL plugin was fixed.
  • Improved the examples app and documentation to work on mobile devices.
  • Improved full screen control.
  • "Polygon for reverse geocode" example CSS fixes for Safari.
  • Improved map initialization: Delayed a call to the copyrightsCaption endpoint that caused the map to load slower.
  • Bug & documentation fixes.


Release date:  4 June 2019
  • This is the initial public release.

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