TomTom Developers: November 2020 Content Roundup

Ruanna Owens
Nov 30, 2020 • Last edit on Sep 20, 20224 min read

This month we expanded our focus on fleet management software and logistics tools to dive deep into location services for on-demand and delivery apps. For a recap of blogs, YouTube videos, Twitch Devisodes, and events from TomTom Developers that you may have missed in November, keep reading!

TomTom Developer Blogs

In this month’s blogs, it’s all about apps. Learn about how to schedule routing for truck drivers in an iOS app, or discover how to create a delivery management app using TomTom location technology.

How to Schedule Routing for Truck Drivers in an iOS App

In this article, take a look at building an iOS application, written in Swift, that gives drivers accurate route scheduling using fuzzy search and geocoding.

How Location APIs can help power Fleet Management Software

Today, location-based data is empowering marketing and on-demand businesses like never before. This means that developers have the opportunity to create apps that meet customer needs while increasing speed, accuracy, efficiency, and flexibility in existing business models – and maybe even finding opportunities to build new businesses and services powered by today's location tech. Learn all about how you can use TomTom technology to build apps for tracking, management, and logistics of different types of fleets in this article.

Creating an App for Efficient and Convenient Delivery Services

Discover more about the tools TomTom offers to help you create a real-world delivery management application. Learn how to optimize delivery processes through reverse geocoding for tracking driver behavior, accurate ETAs with traffic information, geofencing alerts, and much more.


TomTom Developers YOUTUBE VIDEOS

Traffic Layers in the SDK for Web v6

In this quick hints & tips video, we talk about the new Traffic API updates and how it works with our SDK for Web V6. We go over how to add it to your applications and the different APIs we have for various use cases, such as the Traffic Incidents and Flow Layers.

The TomTom Tracking Family

The Geofencing, Location History and Notification APIs allow you to build your entire platform with one provider that covers all of your mapping needs, including location-based data hosted in the cloud. Learn about the TomTom tracking family of APIs and how to build apps that manage your fleets, locate vehicles, trace deliveries, and track assets on a map in real time.


DEVISODE 11 – POI Details Pt. 2: Search Autocomplete

In this video, Jose and Olivia head back into POI (points of interest) details, showing you how to add a Search field with autocomplete, so your app's users can search for businesses quickly and easily!

DEVISODE 12 – EV Routing Pt. 2

Part 1 of our EV Routing Devisode was all about Reachable range. Jose and Olivia calculated a route between two points and searched for EV charging stations. In part 2, they focus on creating a long-distance EV route: car charging features, battery consumption, and how fast a certain car can charge.

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Autonomy Digital: The International Exhibition for Sustainable Mobility Solutions

Head of Enterprise & Developer Product Marketing Louis Debatte-Monroy gave a talk on calculating precise journey times in real time. If you missed the event, you can still visit the stands and watch replays of conferences and demonstrations here.

DeveloperWeek Global: Enterprise

Olivia Vahsen gave a talk on privacy and the principles that developers and companies should stand by when using data. To learn more, read her article We Can’t Talk About Privacy without Developers.


At WeAreDevelopers Live on November 17, on-demand product marketing manager Dosanna Wu and developer advocates Jose Jose Rojas and Olivia Vahsen discussed the essential concepts at work behind Matrix Routing and how to build food delivery apps using our technology. If you missed their talk, check out this blog on the same topic: Creating an App for Efficient and Convenient Delivery Services. And make sure to catch the next Twitch Devisodes December 1 and 3 at 12pm PT/9pm CET on building a small-service delivery app!

Make sure to connect with us in the  Forum  and share what you’ve been working on, and follow us on  Twitter,  Twitch, and  YouTube  to see what’s coming up next in December.

Happy mapping!

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