The Power of TomTom Search API through the eyes of Yellow Pages

Kenneth Clay
Jan 6, 2020 • Last edit on Sep 20, 20224 min read
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TomTom + Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages, a digital media and marketing solutions leader, has recently adopted the use of TomTom Maps APIs. Specifically, they are using the TomTom Search API, a technology that connects users to what is interesting, useful, and worth knowing around a location. Powered by TomTom’s global map data, the Search API lets users seamlessly search for an address, business or place. I sat down with Louie Monteferrante and Julien Daniel to see how things are going with the new technology.

Q: Why don’t you introduce yourselves and your roles at Yellow Pages.

Louie Monteferrante: I am a Senior Manager in the IT department and am responsible for the development of the search engine. I’ve worked closely with my team on the evaluation of the mapping services and the integration of georelevance features within the search experience.

Julien Daniel: I’m the Director of Data and Applied AI at Yellow Pages and am responsible for the overall data governance within the company, working on developing the coverage and enhancing the quality of publishable and non-publishable data within the Yellow Pages network.

A: Yellow Pages is a digital media and marketing solutions leader that allows users to search for phone listings and local business locations. We connect people and businesses in neighborhoods across Canada through our digital properties and services. There are two general applications, one for business-to-business clients and one for the business-to-consumer model.

For business-to-business clients, small to medium sized businesses, we offer complete digital marketing solutions as well as directory listing advertising. The business-to-consumer model allows customers to search the most complete directory of listings in Canada. Yellow Pages publishes a database of more than 2.2 million businesses and 8 million residential listings.

A: Yellow Pages published its first print directory in 1908.

With our initial offering, we produced and delivered print address listings to consumers and businesses. In the late 1990’s, we went digital and began offering online applications - While the print option remains, the digital application dominates our current business. Yellow Pages helps Canadians find information on the goods and services around them, while enabling local businesses to make sure their products and services are seen and heard.


A: Yellow Pages is now using the TomTom Search API to geocode 5 million addresses a year. We geocode these addresses to produce a geospatial location and perform address resolution (i.e. search for plumber on Depot Street, identify the address and position it within a geofence or polygon, then display this location on a map).

Q: You previously used TomTom uncompiled maps before moving to TomTom Maps APIs. What were the most important factors in this decision?

A: We are keenly interested in the quality of data. Canada is a large country with lots of remote locations, making mapping a challenge. We have found that TomTom Maps APIs offer excellent coverage coast-to-coast for Yellow Pages users and business clients.

Q: What changed after you switched to the use of

TomTom Maps APIs


A: When switching to TomTom Maps APIs, we found the integration process to be straight forward. Importantly, it was also seamless to the end user. We are also pleased with overall data performance.

Q: What’s the next big thing for Yellow Pages?

A: Given the importance of the quality of data, Yellow Pages is on a constant mission of continuous improvement. In a world where data is the main value proposition for a business, maintaining our status as the largest provider of business listings in Canada is critical. Our focus remains on giving Canadians the best local information on their neighborhoods, whether urban, suburban or rural through our suite of apps, websites and print media to suit the search preferences of all Canadians.

Next Steps

To learn more about the TomTom Search API and Extended Search API, visit our developer portal. To learn more about Yellow Pages Canada, visit their website.

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