TomTom Sports Cloud

What is the TomTom Sports Cloud?

When the registered user of a TomTom Sports Watch or TomTom Fitness Tracker records an activity such as a run or ride, or syncs 24x7 fitness tracking data, it is stored in the TomTom Sports Cloud - a cloud based storage and analytics engine for sports and fitness data, goals and achievements.

TomTom Sports Cloud API

We encourage innovative third party application developers to responsibly integrate TomTom sports and fitness data into their applications. As an application developer, you can use the Sports Cloud API to integrate with the TomTom Sports Cloud.

The TomTom Sports Cloud API requires end-user authorization before your application can get access to end-user data. This authorization makes use of the OAuth2.0 authorization framework. Details of how you use this framework are described in authorization section of our TomTom Sports Cloud API documentation. Additional information and resources can be found by doing an online search for "oauth2 simplified"

Common use-cases you can implement

  • Retrieve summary data for the user, organise it, summarise it and create timelines out of it for the benefit of the user.
  • Allow the user to track improvements in training routes by retrieving detailed activity tracks for multiple running activities over the same area and provide visual comparisons of pace and elevation.
  • Retrieve activity tracks for your user's favourite rides and draw a three dimensional image of their route overlaid on 3d landscape

Feature List and User Granted Permissions

Because the TomTom Sports Cloud contains sensitive user data relating to lifestyle or location, we have constructed a permission model so ensure that a particular application only has access to the subset of data that the user has authorized.

Each API clearly identifies the permission that is required to use it. As time goes on, we will provide a broader API surface either extending the features or adding new interactions which may require additional permissions. The full list of permissions are outlined in the authorization section of our online documentation.

To make use of a new API that requires additional permission, you will need to seek further authorization from your user, and so your app should be constructed with this in mind.

  • Activities: a list of start-stop activities such as runs, rides, gym, etc.
  • Tracking: 24x7 tracking data including time series of steps, calories burned, distance, active time, and sleep as daily aggregated data.
  • Heart rate: heart rate readings taken over a 24x7 period.
  • physiology: physiology data including weight and body mass measurements.


When you offer a connection to TomTom Sports from your application, you should make use of a recognisable TomTom Sports logo in SVG form, which we will host on our CDN. This asset will be uniquely named, meaning that clients may cache it indefinitely. Should we change the icon, we will contact you via the email address you provided when you Registered your application

The URL for this icon is

The icon itself is

MySports Logo


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