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Maps API


Pay as you grow. Simple.As low as $0.42 per 1000 transactions


Free maps and traffic on mobile. No transaction limits on maps and traffic tiles, we grow with you!

No commitmentNo commitment

No subscription, no lock in. No credit card needed.

No limitsNo limits on APIs or Web SDK

Consume as much as you want and get 2,500 free API transactions per day.

Free from adsVolume discounts

The more you buy, the cheaper it gets.

At TomTom, we believe in simplicity.

Use our free transactions for as long as you want and buy bundles of credits if you need more. Buy as many credits as you want, there are no limits to your growth. Use them whenever you want within a year. No subscription, no strings attached. And the more credits you buy, the cheaper it gets with our pay-as-you-grow plan. Simple.

Our Pay-as-you-grow plan includes

  • Free maps and traffic visualization from our SDK for iOS and Android
  • 2,500 free transactions per day for all our APIs
  • Access to 19 trillion location data points
  • Access to all our APIs and SDKs for a single transaction price
  • Access to all applications and use cases, including Asset Tracking
  • Customized support by e-mail and on our forums

What do you need credits for?

For any application which is publicly accessible,
excluding asset management applications.



For any application which is used for internal business purposes only,
including asset management.



VolumePricePrice per 1k transactions
50,000 $25.00 $0.50
100,000 $49.00 $0.49
250,000 $119.00 $0.48
500,000 $229.00 $0.46
1,000,000 $449.00 $0.45
2,500,000 $1,099.00 $0.44
5,000,000 $2,149.00 $0.43
10,000,000 $4,199.00 $0.42
VolumePricePrice per 1k transactions
50,000 $199.00 $3.98
100,000 $379.00 $3.79
250,000 $909.00 $3.64
500,000 $1,719.00 $3.44
1,000,000 $3,249.00 $3.25
2,500,000 $7,619.00 $3.05
5,000,000 $14,449.00 $2.89
10,000,000 $27,499.00 $2.75

Get started

  1. Buy the credits you need – the bigger the bundle, the cheaper it gets!
  2. Start coding! Your transactions are automatically deducted from your credits
    and you can view your balance at any time.
  3. Did not use all your credits? No worries, they are valid for a year.
  4. Afraid of running out? You can set an optional auto-renewal and we will reload your
    credits automatically when your balance goes below a threshold of your choice.

6. Does TomTom offer custom usage quota or plans?

Custom usage quota, custom plans or other pricing information are available per contacting us.

7. Is there an upper daily limit for the “Pay As you Grow” plan?

Your daily limit is only restricted to the number of transactions you have left in your credit balance. You can easily monitor how many calls are consumed here.

8. How do I avoid running out of TomTom Credits?

If you want to avoid running out of TomTom credits, you can tick a renewal checkbox, which will automatically recharge your credit card and renew your account with TomTom credits.

9. When should I upgrade to the “Pay as you Grow” plan?

You should upgrade to the “Pay as you Grow” plan if you want to consume more than 2,500 free transactions per day.

10. How much does it cost to use the TomTom Maps APIs?

The prices for the “Pay as you Grow” plans are available above.