What is NDS Map Updates?

NDS Map Updates is a suite designed for developers to enable effective Updating of the embedded NDS Map in their own navigation application. Besides a full NDS map, which serves as baseline for delivered updates or map extensions, NDS update packages and/or partial NDS Maps can be provided.

  • The NDS update architecture covering NDS update server and NDS update client facilitates the incremental update of NDS products.
  • The NDS Map updates are stored on the NDS update server. These updates can be downloaded from this server to the NDS navigation devices by using the NDS update protocol.
  • For the download of NDS updates to the NDS navigation device the NDS update client needs to be integrated with the NDS based navigation application. The NDS update client is a client-side library which supports to hide for applications the complexity of the NDS update platform.

Getting started

  1. Register/Sign in to TomTom Developer Portal.
  2. Please request access to this service and the related API documentation.
  3. Contact us for requesting access to an NDS baseline map, which is needed to use this service.
  4. Download NDS map update package containing:
    • Update client
    • documentation
  5. Integrate NDS update client with an NDS based navigation application.

Common use-cases you can implement

  • Get frequent map updates for keeping the navigation database fresh and the navigation experience accurate.
  • Extend the installed navigation map by extending its geo-coverage.
  • Enable map updates & map extensions by integrating TomTom’s NDS update client library into your application.