Release Notes

Version 0.53.1 - 08/07/2024

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Breaking changes
  • Remove the following:

    • TomTomSDKLocationProvider.DefaultCLLocationProvider.locationManager(_:, didChangeAuthorization:).
    • TomTomSDKLocationProvider.DefaultCLLocationProvider.locationManager(_:, didUpdateHeading:).
    • TomTomSDKLocationProvider.DefaultCLLocationProvider.locationManager(_:, didUpdateLocations:).
New features
  • Add the possibility to choose between regular and onboard safety location provider in offline navigation.
  • TomTomSDKNavigation.TomTomNavigation.navigationSnapshot is now synced with each navigation engine update.

  • The following properties are now available in General Availability:

    • DefaultTomTomNavigation.navigationSnapshot.
    • TomTomNavigation.navigationSnapshot.
  • Fix the chevron rotating due to the device heading being sent as the location course. TomTomSDKLocationProvider.DefaultCLLocationProvider no longer emits location updates on device rotation.