Release Notes

Version 0.40.0 - 05/12/2023


Known issues

An incorrect routing endpoint is set by default in Guidance v2, making route calculations impossible with version 0.40.0 for some customers. Potential problems include prompts for a valid API key, such as:

  • "Your API key is invalid."
  • "Your API key does not support either the Routing API or the Routing API with Extended Guidance endpoints.".

Resolution of the issue involves upgrading SDK to version 0.46.0 or later.


Breaking changes

  • Eliminate the use of the route change listener and substitute it with the experimental routeAdded and routeRemoved listeners in the navigation event dispatcher.
  • Suppress internal method from RoutingVisualization and avoid unwanted camera changes.

New Features

  • Introduce FollowRouteNorthUp camera tracking mode.
  • Introduce GeoJson support for traffic and safety locations.
  • Use lane information to place chevron on the map.


  • The vehicle restriction for a given vehicle type sometimes fails to display correctly.

Breaking changes

  • Remove com.tomtom.sdk.navigation.NavigationFailure.
  • Remove com.tomtom.sdk.navigation.NavigationFailureListener.
  • Remove method com.tomtom.sdk.navigation.guidance.AnnouncementMode.toVerbosityLevel().
  • Remove method com.tomtom.sdk.navigation.TomTomNavigation.addNavigationFailureListener.
  • Remove method com.tomtom.sdk.navigation.TomTomNavigation.removeNavigationFailureListener.
  • Remove method com.tomtom.sdk.navigation.ui.NavigationFragment.NavigationListener.onFailed.
  • Remove public setters from some fields of ADASIS configuration data class.
  • Remove the com.tomtom.sdk.navigation.RoutesChangedListener. Use the com.tomtom.sdk.navigation.RouteAddedListener, com.tomtom.sdk.navigation.RouteRemovedListener and com.tomtom.sdk.navigation.ActiveRouteChangedListener to listen for route changes in the navigation.
  • Remove the com.tomtom.sdk.navigation.TomTomNavigation.addRoutesChangedListener(RoutesChangedListener) and the com.tomtom.sdk.navigation.TomTomNavigation.removeRoutesChangedListener(RoutesChangedListener) methods.
  • Set com.tomtom.sdk.navigation.replanning.BetterProposalAcceptanceMode.Automatic as default for hybrid TomTomNavigation.
  • Set com.tomtom.sdk.navigation.replanning.BetterProposalAcceptanceMode.Automatic as default for offline TomTomNavigation.
  • Set com.tomtom.sdk.navigation.replanning.BetterProposalAcceptanceMode.Automatic as default for offroad TomTomNavigation.
  • Set com.tomtom.sdk.navigation.replanning.BetterProposalAcceptanceMode.Automatic as default for online TomTomNavigation.
  • Update and com.tomtom.sdk.navigation.offline.Configuration to inject com.tomtom.sdk.safetyLocations in order to simply the usage of safety location feature in Navigation during initialisation.


  • Fix out-of-memory crash during navigation with long route.
  • Improve projected horizon based on route information.
  • TomTomNavigationService" is correctly closed after calling the "close()" method.


  • com.tomtom.sdk.navigation.GuidanceUpdatedListener is now available in General Availability.
  • com.tomtom.sdk.navigation.LaneGuidanceUpdatedListener is now available in General Availability.
  • com.tomtom.sdk.navigation.replanning.BetterProposalAcceptanceMode is now available in General Availability.
  • Improve NAV starting guide with variable naming for location provider.
  • Merge horizon elements if they are connected.
  • Update API documentation: com.tomtom.sdk.navigation.TomTomNavigation.


Breaking changes

  • com.tomtom.sdk.routing.options.guidance.GuidanceOptions is no longer a data class.
  • Removed package com.tomtom.sdk.routing.offline.infrastructure.
  • Removed package com.tomtom.sdk.routing.range.offline.infrastructure.


  • Guidance Option v1 is deprecated. Please use the new Guidance V2 factory methods.
    • Deprecate com.tomtom.sdk.routing.options.guidance.GuidanceOptions constructor, use the new constructor com.tomtom.sdk.routing.options.guidance.GuidanceOptions() instead.
    • Deprecate com.tomtom.sdk.routing.options.guidance.GuidanceOptions component functions.
    • Deprecate com.tomtom.sdk.routing.options.guidance.GuidanceOptions.copy() function, use extension function instead.


  • Cancel coroutine scope in OnlineSearch when the object is closed.
  • Throw NetworkOnMainThreadException when sending feedback on the main thread.


  • Extend the API documentation for Search, Autocomplete, POI details, Feedback, Geometry, Custom Data, Reverse Geocoder and Structure Search APIs.