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What is Maps SDK for iOS?

Maps SDK for iOS is a convenient Software Development Kit that helps you developers make the most out of the TomTom Maps APIs in your mobile application, without the complexity of bare REST API calls. Optimized for iOS applications, the Maps SDK for iOS allows you to easily configure and deploy different location services inside of your iOS application.

Maps SDK for iOS comes as modules so that you can use just the features you need:

  • Maps API – display and interact with beautiful maps in your application using vector tiles, raster tiles, visualize traffic incidents and/or traffic flow on top of a map

  • Search API – search for an address, for a Point of Interest or a combination of both. Includes auto-completion and correction for the best user experience

  • Routing API – use the industry’s leading routing engine to calculate routes with advanced parameters such as traffic avoidance, eco routes, waypoint optimization, reachable range, time to leave, etc.

Maps SDK for iOS comes with the documentation and examples for the key features of map, search and routing as well as real code samples in Maps SDK Examples app. Use this source code in your own app to speed up development and get to market faster!


Map examples

View the live examples

Search examples

View the live examples

Routing examples

View the live examples

Getting Started

  1. Register / Sign in to TomTom Developer Portal.

  2. Go to the DOWNLOADS page and follow the instructions to import the SDK to your project

  3. Request an evaluation API key to access the underlying services

  4. Read the SDK documentation and start coding

  5. Go to DOWNLOADS page to get the TomTom Maps SDK Examples app to see examples of implementation.

Common use-cases you can implement

  • Add an interactive map to your application and overlay your own data, as an example to build a store locator

  • Search for an address or place, display it on a map and calculate a route to it

  • Add advanced route planning to your application, real time and predictive traffic, multiple alternatives, waypoint optimization and avoidance criteria

  • Calculate the time to leave by planning routes using desired arrival times