Service version: 1.5
Last edit: 2022.08.19

What is the Map Input Tracker?

Map Input Tracker is a RESTful API designed for TomTom end-users and business customers to submit map feedback on a wide range of features. TomTom business customers can easily integrate the API into their existing products and services, enabling them to provide a feedback tool to their end-users.

Map reports can be submitted via both TomTom as well customer branded online, mobile/tablet, or in-dash platforms. The Map Input Tracker API enables TomTom to shorten the time between detecting changes in the real-world and updating the map on an end-user's device. By leveraging community members in this way, TomTom can now deliver high quality, real-time map updates to customers faster then any other mapmaker on the market.

The API is fully integrated with the TomTom Connected Navigation Application covering the use case that allows users to send map reports over the air. For more details see the Automative pages.

Getting started

  1. Register/Sign in to TomTom Developer Portal.
  2. Please request access to this service and the related API documentation.
  3. Read the API Documentation and start coding.

Common use-cases you can implement

  • Easily submit map reports via online, mobile/tablet, or in-dash platforms, wherever you are.
  • Submit map reports on every feature supported on our maps.
  • Track the life-cycle of your report at any moment in time.

Features and benefits


  • As a Business Customer you can report map changes on more than 30 map features. Some examples: changes in traffic direction, new speed limits, updated street names, new points of interest, etc.
  • As a Business Customer you've got easy access to the repository of reports, you can check the status of your reports at any moment in time. In our latest version (operational as of April 2016) you can as well check the MN-R version where a report has been taken up. This is achieved by using a GET request endpoint.
  • Next to reporting textual map changes, the API allows the uploading of geotagged photos as well.


  • Allows our customers and their user base to submit map reports on basically every feature or attribute supported in our maps.
  • "Transparency": the latest status of all map reports is stored in our MIT Database.
  • "Enriched map reports": users have the option to upload geotagged photos attached to their report this is helping TomTom to quickly and efficiently process the map reports.