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Geocoding — translating addresses into coordinates — and Geofencing — defining geographic areas to simplify location tracking — are key location technologies for fleet management software. We'll explain how you can use them to build business-critical apps.
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Geofencing lets us create virtual boundaries on a map that can track assets and enable us to connect our users to the things that matter the most to them. Learn more about what geofencing really is, why it’s important to use and more importantly, how simple it is to create your own geofence.
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Mapcodes are a free, open way to make every house or location on Earth addressable by a short code. With nothing else except your mapcode, a navigation system will bring someone to within meters of your front door. It’s easier to remember than coordinates, and in many cases more accurate than a street address. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Mapcode and demonstrate how the TomTom Search API provides direct support for finding locations with mapcodes.
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Our location services and the Maps SDK for Web make it easy for programmers to create location-aware visualizations. In this tutorial we’ll walk through an application that uses a public data set of film locations in New York City to display these locations and information about them on a map. We'll also look at the techniques you can use to understand and convert other data sources to similar mapping displays, even if they don't include latitude and longitude coordinates.
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We conclude our series of articles on creating a WordPress Plugin that use the TomTom Maps and Search APIs, adding the final touch to our plugin: intelligent routing that helps a site user generate driving directions to guide them from their present location to their chosen store location. Moreover, they'll be smart directions based on current traffic conditions.
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One of the most important mapping concepts you'll need to understand is "geocoding," or converting between user-readable location descriptions and computer-readable coordinates. This article explains the process of geocoding and provides some examples.
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Street names get misspelled or zip codes get left out – either way, Address Data is one of the most common data inaccuracies. Here’s an easy way to clean up your address data without purchasing complex quality data tools.
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Explore different ways in which TomTom’s SDK API can be leveraged to show the location of several entities on a map at once. This blog demonstrates how to enhance map usage by with additional features and API calls.  
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