TomTom Developers September Content Roundup

Ruanna Owens
Sep 30, 2020 • Last edit on Sep 20, 20224 min read

TomTom has a plethora of tools and features to build fleet management applications. In this month’s blogs, learn how to custom style route sections, route and track a large number of vehicles and get accurate ETAs. If fleets aren’t your thing, check out some fun side projects, like our tutorial on building a live weather map using data from OpenWeatherMap, or using TomTom Maps with Java and Spring.

Highlight Important Details with Custom Styling for Routing Sections

Learn how to access custom styling options for route sections using the TomTom Maps SDK for Web and the Routing API. Apply custom styling for segments along a route based on the section type.

Adding OpenWeatherMap's Current Weather to TomTom Maps

It's easy to layer third-party data on TomTom maps to build apps that go beyond simple maps and routes. In this article, learn how to combine a map with current weather data and visual map tiles from the OpenWeatherMap API to build an interesting project that is valuable to drivers on the road.


Commercial Fleets, Vehicle Tracking, and the TomTom Location History API

The TomTom Location History service, along with the Geofencing API, provides crucial details about fleet movement for a business. Find out how developers can harness them to build smart fleet-tracking apps.

Fleet Management with TomTom Geocoding and Geofencing Services

Geocoding — translating addresses into coordinates — and Geofencing — defining geographic areas to simplify location tracking — are key location technologies for fleet management software. Discover how you can use them to build business-critical apps.

How the TomTom Matrix Routing API can Power Complex Fleet Routing Applications

Fleet management and routing applications have special needs — from shortest travel time to traffic to routing hundreds of vehicles at once. Check out how the TomTom Matrix Routing API can power complex fleet routing applications.

Using TomTom Maps with Java and Spring

Spring Boot is an open-source Java-based framework used to build apps. While the TomTom Maps SDK for Web is a JavaScript library, learn how to incorporate it into a Spring Boot application using the Spring MVC and the Thymeleaf template engine that will generate the HTML and JavaScript from the server side.


Two new videos were added to TomTom Developers’ YouTube channel. Learn how to create rotes for commercial fleets, or discover how to add custom markers and popups to a map.

Truck Routing Using the TomTom Maps APIs

In this video we'll take a look at the most-used parameters in the Routing API to create routes for trucks and commercial vehicles in general.

How to Add Custom Markers and Popups to your Map

In this Hints and Tips video, we explain how to add custom markers and popups on your map using the TomTom Maps SDK for Web. Learn more about how popups can be independent from a marker itself.

Our developer advocates Jose Jose Rojas and Olivia Vahsen dove into the Map Styler in a tutorial on how to utilize unique features of the POI layer of your map. Learn how to add ratings, reviews, and photos in this devisode.

POI Details with Photos

Season 2 Devisode 8 covered POI Details with Photos. Using the TomTom Map Styler, learn how to interact with the POI layer of your map by displaying points of interest (POIs) along with photos and ratings.

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Head of Enterprise Product Marketing Louis Debatte-Monroy explained how TomTom Developers completely revamped their developer portal to improve the product experience for different user profiles. Check here for a recap of the talk.

TomTom Manager of Customer Program Management Jeroen Brouwer spoke at ITS Belgium on data as an enabler for agile policies. To learn more about the event, visit their website here.

TomTom’s Head of Traffic and Travel Information, Ralf-Peter Schafer, spoke at a webinar hosted by WunderMobility on how to build a congestion-free world along with Ramboll and Transport for London.

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Happy mapping!

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